Cartagena Colombia Prostitution Secret Service incident

The Cartagena Colombia  Secret Service Prostitution incident:

Since prostitution is legal in that part of Colombia where the incident took place:

This is the difference between legal vs. illegal prostitution.  A adult prostitute is not paid her agreed upon amount so, she contacts the Colombian police who help her get her money from her customer, and the local Cartagena, Colombia police then report the customer (who at first refused to pay) to the U.S. Embassy.  Listen to this again: “The police HELP the prostitute”    I wonder how many prostitutes in America can say this?  They can never say this because prostitution in America is illegal.  The police hurt them and their customers, because it is illegal in the USA. Unless you feel that being in prison and being beaten by the police is helping people.

According to the USA’s  Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) The U.S.  State Department uses a three-tier system. Tier 1 countries are in full compliance with the TVPA. Colombia is listed as a Tier 1 country. Is that because prostitution is legal there?  Is that why? Why is it that most Tier 1 countries have legal prostitution? Did anyone ever think about that?  – Well, the U.S. government doesn’t think about it.

Here is a good link for more information about that:

Of course there is two sides to every story.  We will never hear the customer’s (man’s) side of the story, because the media is not interested in the customer’s side of the story.

Here is the Prostitute’s side of the story from the New York Times article:

The disagreement over her price — he offered $30 for services she thought they had agreed were worth more than 25 times that which was $800— set off a tense early morning quarrel in the hallway of the luxury hotel involving the woman, another prostitute, Colombian police officers arguing on the women’s behalf and American federal agents who tried but failed to keep the matter from escalating.

Disgusted with such a low amount, $30 she pressed the matter. He became angry, ordered her out of the room and called her an expletive, she said. She said she was crying and went across the hall, where another escort had spent the night with an American man from the same group. Both women began trying to get the money.

They knocked on the door but got no response. She threatened to call the police, but the man’s friend, who appeared on the scene, begged her not to, saying they did not want trouble. Finally, she said, she left to go home but came across a police officer stationed in the hallway, who called in an English-speaking colleague. He accompanied her back to the room and the dispute escalated. Two other Americans from the club emerged from their rooms and stood guard in front of their friend’s locked door. The two Colombian officers tried to argue the woman’s case.

A hotel security officer arrived. Eventually, she lowered her demand to $250, Eager to resolve the matter fast, the American men eventually gave her a combination of dollars and pesos worth about $225, and she left.

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  1. Thank you for that information! I wonder who else has it and I’m angry at the media for not printing it everywhere in detail…but of course they wouldn’t, would they…it sheds too much light on how things SHOULD BE between American sex workers and the law…………….

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