Human Trafficking Charities Lying and Stealing money

Human Trafficking Statistics.

Human Trafficking Charities caught Lying and Stealing money:

From the “The Age” Newspaper – Australia:
The head of an Australian charity that has been accused of faking the rescue of Thai hill tribe children from sexual slavery has resigned.

Former Australian army commando Sean McBride stepped down from the Grey Man charity at the weekend following new claims about the organisation and an investigation into the hill tribes children by Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation

In a new claim, the Grey Man’s former head of investigations in Thailand said the charity’s website had exaggerated the success of its operations, including changing the ages of victims.

‘‘Sean [Mr McBride] told me younger girls are most interesting for donors,’’ said the Thailand-born man, who asked that his name not be published because of his undercover work.

The charity’s website often claimed that  victims as young as 12 were rescued. Responding by email to questions from The Age sent before he stepped down, Mr McBride said he never changed reports ‘‘except to make them more readable and media-orientated’’.

Police from the Chiang Mai-based transnational crime unit told The Age that 21 hill tribe children from a village in northern Chiang Rai province were not rescued from prostitution and were not prostitutes or victims as the charity claimed on its website along with appeals for funds. The Department of Special Investigation  is investigating claims that the children had never left their homes, had continued to attend school and had suffered as a result of the publicity.

Operations to rescue sex trade workers in Thailand have become highly contentious. The Empower Foundation, which represents sex workers, said in a report released  this month that ‘‘we have now reached a point where there are more women in the Thai sex industry being abused by anti-trafficking charities and practice than there are women exploited by traffickers’’.

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2 Responses to Human Trafficking Charities Lying and Stealing money

  1. All problems in Cambodia, including poverty, corruption, and human rights abuses, are interrelated to the country tragic recent past, namely, the Khmer Rouge and the use of Cambodia as turf for Cold War adversaries.

  2. Sheena says:

    save us from this saviours….i mean con saviours

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