The prejudice bigots of hatred in sex trafficking

The oppressive laws that target sexual activity are motivated by the same kind of prejudices that have been at the root of all persecution throughout history.  It is driven by human hatred of those who are different.  And it’s an equal opportunity affliction infecting both left and right. Democrats and Republicans both do the same thing. This is the same type of prejudice that affected the African Americans, and Jewish people throughout history. Did you know that it was against U.S. law for white people to marry black people, or other races or to have sex together in any way up until 1967? Now it is the prostitutes, pimps,  customers of prostitutes, and anyone else that is associated with sex work that the prejudice bigots in society target.  Why?   Because American society says that it is OK to be a prejudice bigot when it comes to sex, prostitution or anything that is currently politically incorrect.

The fact that you can be imprisoned for what you do on your own property with other consenting adults is tyranny.  Democracy only means that your oppressor is the government, and media rather than some dictator.

Without sovereignty over one’s own body, there is no freedom.

While there are some cases of responsible reporting by the mainstream press on the topic of sex, the vast majority of such reporting is intentionally concocted to be sensationalistic in order to attract an audience.  People used to think that kind of journalism was limited to the rags you see at the supermarket checkout stands, but the rationale has now fully infected almost all popular news sources in the U.S.    Traditional major news outlets, like CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, New York Times, etc. rather than searching for the truth about sex work, now find it much more profitable to cater to the angry anti-sex mob, even creating an angry mob where otherwise none would exist. Like when they target prostitutes and customers of prostitutes saying that every prostitute is forced against her will and raped.  Even it she insists that she is not.  They will either not interview a prostitute or pay her and give her other bribes to say that she was forced. Never talking to prostitutes who will not agree with their news story.

They will never show the other side of the story, it is always biased against sex work, and sex in general.  They will say that it is impossible for a woman to have sex with a man without the man abusing the woman in the process.  Instead of being disinterested observers of events the media now want to be part of the action and be actively involved in the making of news.  (To see examples of this please read the articles in this website.)

When the police arrest customers of prostitutes and the prostitutes themselves:

They try to get the adult women prostitutes to say that they were forced and victims of sex trafficking even though they weren’t.

These adult women just flat out say, ‘Nope, that’s not what’s happening.’ No one is forcing me”

Then the  U.S. Attorney general, senators, the police and government officials say:

“We have to help them realize they are victims,”

They must be brainwashed by their pimps,  and johns.

They say that adult women do not have the ability to make decisions for themselves about sex, therefore the government must make all their decisions about sex and who they have sex with for them.

So… the police are trying to invent victims? Where no victim exist?

The adult women say that no one is forcing them to work in prostitution and the police don’t believe them?

So the police want these adult women to lie? and the police are forcing the women to lie about being forced?

In cases where a prostitute is willingly engaging in the business, she has an incentive to allege force or coercion against a pimp to avoid charges herself. Calling adult consensual prostitution “human trafficking” could change judges’ perception and has the potential to boost prison sentences.”  

I thought lying was wrong?  And isn’t it against the law to lie?  -Not for the police, attorney general and other government officials.

The following information is from a report from the Crimes against children research center which talks about the Unknown Exaggerated Statistics of Juvenile Prostitution.

Crimes against Children Research Center ● University of New Hampshire ● 126 Horton Social Science Center ● Durham, NH 03824 (603) 862‐1888●Fax: (603) 862‐1122●

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