“I am not a victim of Sex Trafficking” – said Raven Cassidy Furlong from Colorado found safe in CA

Adult teen, Raven Cassidy Furlong found safe at a taping of American Ninja Warrior TV show.  Not a victim of Sex Trafficking.

Here is another example of how the paranoia, obsessed, hysteria of Sex Trafficking has affected people.  Raven, (a legal adult of 18 years old) called the family – her aunt and others, and told them she was safe twice, and in California of her own free will, the police found her and investigated, and said she is OK, and there of her own free will, and NOT a victim of sex trafficking.  She contacted her mom telling her to leave her alone.  And her family still believes she is a victim of sex trafficking for no other reason than that they “think she is” Her family lives in the make believe invented fantasy world of their own mind. Thinking she is a victim of sex trafficking because she does not want to live with her family.  The Polaris project brain washed her family into thinking she is a victim of sex trafficking with no evidence at all.  Now the family is trying to force her to live with them against her will, and do whatever they tell her to do – Her family should be arrested for human trafficking. 

From the Daily mail news:

Adult Teen runaway Raven Cassidy Furlong, found in Venice Beach, California after a month away from Colorado home says ‘I’m fine!’ but her family claim she’s been coerced into prostitution.

  • ‘Everybody can leave me alone’ said Raven Cassidy Furlong, who turned 18 while on the missing persons list
  • Her family remains convinced she’s a ‘scared victim of trafficking’
  • Meanwhile, police say she seemed fine and declined to release her to her pleading Colorado family against her will

A teenage girl reported missing in February amid fears she’d been lured into a prostitution ring was found standing in line for a television shoot in Venice Beach on Friday.

Police say the girl, who ran away from her Aurora, Colorado home February 5, was with friends and appeared unharmed.

‘I’m fine,’ the 18-year-old Raven Cassidy Furlong told an NBCLA photographer Friday. ‘Everybody can leave me alone because I’ve been fine and I am fine.’

Police had already investigated a tip that Furlong had been spotted in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles.

“[She was] waiting in line with some friends, some other people for a TV shoot,” Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division said.

Furlong admitted to police that she was a runaway and the subject of a search by her family.

Though she was 17-years-old when her family reported her missing, Furlong is now 18 and told police she was in Los Angeles voluntarily.

Police informed Furlong’s family that she’d been found.

‘She didn’t appear to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. She didn’t appear to be given us any type of coerced statements,’ said.Sgt. Gonzalez.

Not everyone agrees, however.

Furlong’s mother, Tonja Mahaffey, continues to believe her daughter is a ‘scared victim of trafficking’ who lied to the police about her well-being.

‘I can tell that it’s her, but that’s not my daughter,’ Mahaffey told ABC 7 in Denver.

Mahaffey continues to post to a Facebook page she started for her then missing daughter and says the family is still trying to get her back.

The family plans to be on a radio show called Voices for Justice April 8 and hope Furlong will call in to speak to them.

But Furlong maintained that she did not want to return to Colorado and, at least for now, that’s the end of this story.

‘She’s 18,’ said Sgt. Gonzalez, who removed Furlong from a missing persons list. ‘She’s an adult.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2305460/Raven-Cassidy-Furlong-Missing-Aurora-teenage-girl-unharmed-Venice-Beach-TV-shoot.html#ixzz2Rlb8cnWJ 

From the Denver channel news 7:
Missing Aurora, Colorado model found in LA

Raven Cassidy Furlong found unharmed

LOS ANGELES – A missing 18-year-old Aurora woman who disappeared last February has been found unharmed in California, according police.

Raven Cassidy Furlong was found in Venice Friday night, MyFoxLA and other media reported Saturday.  Police released her after determining she was there of her own free will.

Furlong’s car was found in Venice Beach a month ago, but no sign of the missing woman could be found.

Venice police received a tip that she was sighted in Venice Beach, where officers found her “waiting in line with some friends, some other people for a TV shoot,” said Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division.

Furlong was spotted at tryouts for “American Ninja Warrior,” according to Venice311.org. The reporter recognized Furlong and contacted police and her parents.

“I’m fine,” she told a NBCLA photographer. “Everybody can leave me alone because I’ve been fine and I am fine.”

Venice police say they notified Furlong’s parents in Colorado that she had been found safe, and that she told them she did not want to return to Colorado.

Furlong was taken to the police station to be interviewed by police.  Once they ascertained she was in California of her own free will, they returned her to the area where she was picked up.

Furlong left her home on Feb. 5 with two friends, telling her family that she would return in two days, according to investigators. Some members of the family flew to Venice Beach when her car was found parked there in March but they were unable to locate her.

Her family believes she was coerced into saying she’s OK.

“We know what Raven gave was a canned speech because other clients have received the same calls from their children once they were located.  They’ve been coerced to believe their families are bad, this is common in human trafficking,” Shelley Shaffer, Director of the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation told 7NEWS.


From myfoxla news:

VENICE, Calif. — Police in California have found the 18-year-old model who was reported

Raven Cassidy Furlong (Photo: Facebook)

Raven Cassidy Furlong (Photo: Facebook)

missing from Aurora more than a month ago.

According to KTTV in Los Angeles, Raven Cassidy Furlong was located at a taping for the show “American Ninja Warrior.”

Police said she voluntarily came to the LAPD’s Pacific Division to speak with officers, who decided to release her because she was of age and in good health, according to the station.

Raven was first reported missing after she never returned to her home in Aurora after school on February 5.

Her family believed Raven may have been the victim of human trafficking because they didn’t think she would have run away, according to KTTV.

Los Angeles police found Raven’s car in Venice in March, but did not make contact with the missing woman until Friday evening.

LAPD Lieutenant David Crew told the station that police in California and Aurora no longer consider this a missing person’s case.

Read more at myFOXla.com.

From myfoxla news:

Missing Aurora woman found safe in Calif.

Raven Cassidy Furlong, the now 18-year-old Colorado girl who was reported missing from her home more than a month ago, was found in Venice Friday night.

According to police, she was spotted at a taping of American Ninja Warrior. Police say she voluntarily came with them to the LAPD’s Pacific Division where they spoke with her and determined that there was no reason to hold her – she was of-age, she was in good health, and she was not in any danger.

Police released her, over the objections of her aunt, Tobi Buckley. The family, including Raven’s mother, has said the girl may have been the victim of human trafficking because they don’t believe she would have run away.

Raven was reported missing when she didn’t return home from her Aurora, Colorado high school in February, when she was still 17. LAPD found her car in Venice in March, but did not make contact with the teenager until Friday evening.

According to LAPD Lieutenant David Crew, Aurora, Colorado police no longer consider this a missing person’s case.

More on the STORY HERE

Read more: http://www.myfoxla.com/story/21896342/missing-colorado-teen-found-in-venice#ixzz2RlgZfDDn

Furlong last contacted her stepmother earlier this month, but the brevity of her message alarmed Furlong’s stepmom.

“Raven said she was safe, but that she was calling from someone else’s phone and couldn’t stay on the line and had to go,” Lin Furlong told People Magazine. “I was relieved to hear her voice, but I’m terrified for her. She sounded scared and not like herself at all.”

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