Prostitutes say they are NOT forced and NOT victims of sex trafficking

Father, son acquitted in New York of sex trafficking; prostitutes say they enjoyed their lives.

Here is another example of anti-sex groups and the government trying so hard to get people to believe that all prostitutes are forced against their will.  Even when the prostitutes look them in the eye under oath and tell them that they did this work of their own free will.

Two prostitutes cheered loudly and burst into tears of relief Wednesday when their pimps were acquitted of sex trafficking charges.

The father-son pimp team of Vincent George Sr. and Vincent George Jr. was accused of brutalizing prostitutes who worked the streets of Manhattan New York City for them, but the women were devoted to their “daddies” and even testified on their behalf at the nonjury trial. When Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ruth Pickholz ruled the Georges were not guilty of sex trafficking, Danielle Geissler, 31, and Desiree Ellis, 24, released cries of uncontrollable joy — and had to be told to stop.

The pimps could have faced up to 25 years behind bars under a relatively new state law. In order to be guilty, there would have to be sufficient evidence that threats of violence were at play or that even one victim feared for her health and safety or for their immigration status.

Pickholz did nail the pimps on charges of money laundering and felony promoting prostitution. The duo could still face up to 15 years behind bars on the top count when they’re sentenced July 8. “It’s a victorious day because they are not sex traffickers,” said Talea Wufka, who identified herself as a family friend. Geissler, who has a child with George Jr. and has been working for him for years, balanced her elation at the acquittal against the sobering conviction. “We don’t know how to feel about it … We want him home,” said the admitted prostitute, who wore a flowing purple dress and flip flops. RELATED: PROSTITUTES LOW ON CASH MISS THEIR ALLENTOWN PIMPS

George Sr.’s daughter, also George Jr.’s sister, worked for the pair and was present, but she left without speaking to reporters.

She was also overjoyed at the partial victory for the pimp pair. “If this is what these women signed up for, who the hell is anybody to tell them different?” said the father’s attorney, Howard Greenberg.  The son’s lawyer, David Epstein, said the verdict is a “moral victory as well as a legal victory” in that it validates the love the pimps and the women share.


“The reality is there is real love there, but it’s unusual to us and to people looking at this case,” Epstein said.  But prosecutors told a very different story and said allusions to violence and “ass whoopings” over money on wiretapped calls show the women were coerced. They argued the women were lured into “the life” at a young age and were conditioned through traumatic bonding to accept their lot and adore their pimp daddies.

In one call, Junior grilled one of the women after she told him she had met with a cop.


DA Cyrus Vance said the verdict was a victory in that the illicit family business was shuttered as a result of the case.  “This was an investigation designed to shut down the criminal enterprise from top to bottom, supply to demand, and that was achieved,” the DA said in a phone interview. He maintained the women were victimized through ongoing threats.  “We obviously believed that the evidence supported proof of coercion and threat, and our office will take tough cases, and it’s our job to bring the cases we believe are legally sustainable,” the DA added.

Sonia Ossorio, the president of the New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women, attended the trial and credited the DA with pressing ahead with a difficult case that involved prostitutes swearing on the stand that they had rosy family lives. “The image of these women living the good life and being fully in control of their lives was dismantled in that courtroom,” she said.

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