Why can’t MEN be Sex Trafficking Victims?

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about MEN who are prostitutes? In Thailand, over half of the prostitutes – yes – at least HALF are MEN!

They are called “Ladyboys” or another term used is Kathoeys or katoeys. They are MEN who were born as males, but dress up to look like women.

A lot of the so-called “Women” in Prostitution in Asia” are actually “LADYBOYS” – MEN who pretend to be women.  These are transvestites, transsexuals, transgender, post-op, pre-op. Or just plain MEN who don’t hide that they are men.  Why are they NEVER included in the fight against Sex Trafficking or Prostitution? Why are they never considered to be victims?

The answer is:  Because they are MEN – and it is impossible for a man to be a victim when it comes to sex. This is what the politicians, government leaders, and anti-sex trafficking groups believe.  The result is that “Ladyboys” are ignored as if they don’t exist, or thought of as women, but they are NOT women they are male “Ladyboys”.

Many “Ladyboys” are mistaken to be actual female women, since when they dress up as ladies they can be quite convincing.  Some have sex-change operations, and take female hormones to change their appearance; they use make-up and work hard to look like women.    The result is – when the public sees them they assume that they are real female women, and counted as women and thought of as female sex-workers, but in fact, they were actually  born as males, and are in fact MEN dressed up to look like women.

If you look at any anti-sex trafficking information, for some reason “Ladyboys” are never mentioned. Yet they and other males make up at least 50% of the prostitutes in Asia.

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3 Responses to Why can’t MEN be Sex Trafficking Victims?

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  2. Schala says:

    Trans women are women, please. Reproductive capacity only matters if you’re trying to reproduce, right now, at this very moment, with someone. The rest of the time, the reproductive capacity of someone is of zero import, regardless of how they dress.

  3. Schopenbecq says:

    Are you suggesting we try to convince feminists to enact laws against Lady Boys and ‘trafficked’ men?

    How exactly does this help our fight against the criminalization of men and the criminalization of prostitution?

    Or maybe I have misunderstood this blog, as it appeared you were fighting against these things, and this is why you have laid out such a wealth of excellent information and sources debunking feminist sex trafficking myths.

    I beg you – please do not validate the ‘equality of injustice’ stupidity of the MHRM. Please do not validate the feminist myths of sex trafficking by claiming that men are trafficking victims too.

    “The answer is: Because they are MEN – and it is impossible for a man to be a victim when it comes to sex. ”

    I disagree. The answer is that there are few female victims when it comes to sex, but pretending there are, and forcing the victim label upon women (prostitutes etc), raises the sexual market value of feminists and their female supporters. Feminists have no interest in men as victims, because men as victims does not raise the price of sex (for most women).

    Having sadi that, you have raised a very good point about the feminist disinterest in Thai ladyboys, but I believe your interpretation as to why is wrong, as well as rather dangerous in terms of hooking up with the anti-sex men’s human rights activists.

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