Somaly Mam, Nicholas Kristof and the Sex Trafficking Media empire

Somaly Mam and  Nicholas Kristof  should have lawsuits filed against them for committing fraud and stealing money from the public by providing the public with false sex trafficking horror stories that were lies to send money to the Somaly Mam and Afesip charities.  These charities then committed human trafficking themselves by forcing women and girls to stay in their (rescue) centers against their will and to lie about being forced into sex trafficking to the western media and donors. 

When it comes to Sex trafficking the only people the media speak with are the anti-sex trafficking organizations or zealous politicians and no one else.  This is a biased one-sided conversation.  The media will never question, check or research any of the claims that these groups make. Always taking their word for it and never once researching or questioning their statistics or anything they say.  This results in misleading and false reporting by the media, news organizations and the government.

Prostitutes are NOT forced! They do sex work of their own free will. They keep the money they make.  When a Anti-sex trafficking group states that millions of underage children are raped, forced, and kidnapped against their will into prostitution by evil men -Why doesn’t the reporter ask: What makes you think that? Where is the proof, and evidence?, can you prove it? Or do you just think that? Can you prove they are forced against their will, raped, kidnapped and beaten? Or do you just think and assume that? Can you prove that they were underage?  Or do you just think they “look” young because they are short or petite and skinny?   What makes you think that were raped? Can you prove it? Or do you just “think” that. Where did you get those stats on the number of forced victims? What are your sources? Where did your source come up with that information? What was the methodology? How do you know the numbers are accurate? Are all prostitutes little baby girls? Or are some of them transgender, boys or men?  Are some of them willing Adults? The media, NGO’s and government officials will never admit this or ask the sex workers rights groups or prostitutes themselves about the sex industry.   It appears that the media are biased towards lies about exaggerated sex trafficking. Why is that?  Maybe we should ask that question to the media?

Somaly Mam Resigns after she was caught lying about Sex Trafficking.

Here is Somaly Mam lying to Michelle Obama about non-existent fake made-up sex trafficking victims:

Most Children in Orphanages in Cambodia and Asia have loving, living parents who are deceived into giving their children to the orphanages. They are NOT sex trafficking victims! Human Trafficking charities are committing fraud inventing and abusing fake victims! Keeping them against their will in Orphanages.  petition to fire Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times

Cartoon drawing explaining the Somaly Mam Fraud 

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