How the Anti-Sex Trafficking Lobby Profits from telling lies.

How the Anti-Sex Trafficking Lobby Profits from telling lies.

By:  Dr Brooke Magnanti,  author of the Belle de Jour blog and books. 

While various areas of sex work have little in common apart from the ‘sex’ bit, increasingly they are lumped together in the eyes of the public, government, and media as something that is affecting society more than before and needs attention now.The reasons for this are numerous. One particular influence is the rise of what is known as the Rescue Industry, an umbrella term coined by Laura Agustin to cover people not in the flesh trade, who nevertheless profit from attempting to end sex work of all kinds. Did I say “profit”? Yes, I sure did.Issues such as trafficking, sex work, and pornography are hot topics for people who claim their main motivation is to help those involved. Help is a great thing. There are loads of people who could all use a little help, in all professions and walks of life. But when does the reasonable goal of helping others cross the line into infantilising others… and helping yourself?
Cynical? Maybe a little. On one hand many of the people concerned about the welfare of sex workers are no doubt motivated by a genuine desire to help others. Particularly those they think of as unable to defend themselves. But the flipside of this concern is that everyone needs money to survive. As other charities have discovered in the past, sometimes the desire to have a high profile and keep the wheels greased overtakes the benefit to the people you were trying to help.The bun fight currently going on over funding to help trafficking victims is one example. Charities aside – and, let it be said, there are many worthy and honest ones – there are also the academics, researchers, and writers who earn their living not through hands-on effort, but by writing papers. Papers which allow them to win grants. Grants so that they can write more papers.This, as a former cancer research academic, is a world I know well. We can’t all save lives. But we do all have to earn a crust. Still, sometimes the ratio of money available to size of the problem seems far out of whack. You do start to wonder how much of what is said and written is born from genuine concern, and how much is just chasing another year’s salary.Is there enough money in it to even bother making this criticism? Well, thanks to a little tool that compares the money from funding grants over time, we can make a rough guess of what it’s worth. For instance, funding for studying trafficking is enormous – in 2009, it was funded worldwide to the tune of nearly a billion US dollars. This is a total greater than the amount of grant money awarded to study lung cancer, which of course, is also devastating, and affects far more people. And spending on trafficking since 2000 has dwarfed the grant awards on such important international health concerns as malnutritionmalaria, or tuberculosis – conditions that kill millions of people worldwide every year, and affect hundreds of millions more. Another way in which opposing sex work brings financial benefit is through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Police know, for instance, that if a brothel owner is prosecuted, since running a brothel is illegal, any money and property retrieved from the ‘crime scene’ becomes theirs. When police resources are limited, does the temptation of profit possibly influence victimless crimes being prosecuted more vigourously than they otherwise would? Hard to know for sure. It’s a handy little coincidence, the pre-Olympic crackdown on brothels and the recent cuts in police funding, isn’t it? You can read more about the criticisms of such crackdowns in the GrauniadHanna Morris, who ran a brothel, lost her abuse of process case against the police. She rang 999 when masked and armed gunmen threatened her business… only to find herself arrested, and the violent criminals never pursued or apprehended. It’s impossible to know for certain, but one can imagine plenty of situations in which police – with restricted time and money – must make choices: unknown violent criminals who may be difficult and expensive to catch, or women technically breaking the law standing right in front of you, with cash assets?

The outcome of the Morris case certainly sends a message, but I’m not convinced it’s the message of ‘protecting women’ that some people prefer to promote.

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   Research report on sorting out the myths and facts about sex trafficking at sporting events:    
   Sex Trafficking and Prostitution are NOT the same thing.Prostitution is a business between adults and in our society adults are responsible for themselves. Sex slavery is just that, slavery and it’s non-consensual.

“To equate the two is to say grown women aren’t capable of being responsible and making decisions  for themselves. That is pretty insulting to women don’t you think?”

Adult women are not children.

There needs to be a distinct separation of

1. Forced Child sex trafficking

2. Adult consensual


They are not the same.

Woman in the sex industry, have made a clear decision to work in that field. They are not “passive victims” in need of “saving” or sending back by western campaigners. So called “victims” of Sex Trafficking never identify themselves as victims. Because they are not victims to begin with.

Sex Trafficking Sex Slavery is used by many groups as a attempt to outlaw all adult consensual prostitution around the world by saying that all women that have sex are victims even if they do it willing. This hurts any real victims because it labels all sex workers as victims. This is done by the media, aid groups, NGO’s, feminists, politicians,  and religious organizations that receive funds from the government. There are very strong groups who promote that all adult women who have sex are victims even if they are willing, enjoy it and go out of there way to get it. These groups try to get the public to believe that no adult women in their right mind would ever go into the sex business unless she was forced to do so, weather she knew it or not. They say that 100% of all sex workers are trafficking victims. They do this in order to label all men as sex offenders and wipe out all consensual prostitution. Which is what their real goal is. There is almost no one who challenges or questions them about their false beliefs. Therefore, the only voices you hear are of these extreme groups. These groups want to label all men as terrible sex offenders for seeing a willing adult woman. No one stands up to say this is foolish, the passive public says nothing. These groups even say that all men who marry foreign women are terrible sex predators who take advantage of these “helpless foreign women wives”.

These groups believe that two adults having consensual sex in private should be outlawed.  Since they believe that it is impossible for a man to have sex with a woman without abusing the woman in the process.

Adult Women are NOT children.

A key point is that on the sidelines the prostitutes themselves are not being listened to. They oppose laws against prostitution.   But no one wants to listen to the prostitutes themselves.  Only to the self appointed experts that make up numbers and stories many of which have never met a real forced sex slave. The media and government never ask the prostitutes themselves what would help them in terms of laws.

Media coverage of trafficking and adult women’s migration and sex work is confused and inaccurate. The media wrongly uses the terms ‘sex work’ and ‘trafficking’ and adult sex work and child sex trafficking synonymously, as if they were the same.  perpetuating stereotypes and stigmatization, and contributing to the violation of women’s right to free movement and livelihood options.  They assume that if any woman moves from place to place for sex work that they are being trafficking. The media, politicians, aid groups, feminist,  and religious organizations does not take into account that she may do this of her own free will.  Too often  women are treated like children. Prostitution is a business between adults and in our society adults are responsible for themselves. Sex slavery/trafficking on the other hand is non-consensual.  To equate that the two are the same is to say grown adult women are not capable of being responsible or thinking for themselves.

Many anti-prostitution groups use false exaggerated made up stories of underage girls being forced. While we all agree that minors should not be having sex, the truth about the statistics and if the minor was forced or not should be known.

If a prostitute is 17 and under the age of 18, she can not give legal consent to sex. So, she could have wanted to be a prostitute, and given consent for sex, but since she is underage, she can not give legal consent, so legally she was “forced” even if she gives total consent to sex and it was consensual – she was “forced” according to the court and justice system. There is a BIG difference between being legally “forced” and truly being physically forced against someone’s will.  So, the media will always report that she was “forced” for no other reason then being under the age of 18.

This gives the impression that all prostitutes under the age of 18 are “forced” when they have not been.  They never identify themselves as victims, because they were never forced If fact, if two people who are both 17 years old have sex, they both are legally considered to be victims and sex predators at the same time. It is strange how the justice system works. 

Sex trafficking is illegal and the penalties are very severe.  It is very difficult to force someone to be a sex slave prostitute.

They would have to have 24 hour guards posted and be watched 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Have the threat of violence if they refused, and have no one notice and complain to the authorities or police. They would need to hide from the general public yet still manage to see customers from the general public and not have the customers turn the traffickers in to the police.  They would need to provide them with medical care, food, shelter, and have all their basic needs met.  They would need to have the sex slaves put on a fake front that they enjoyed what they were doing, act flirtatious and do their job well.   They would have to deal with the authorities looking for the missing women, and hide any money they may make, since it comes from illegal activity. They must do all of this while constantly trying to prevent the sex slaves from escaping and reporting them to the police. They would need to prevent the general public from reporting them into the police.  This is extremely difficult to do, which makes this activity rare. These criminals would be breaking dozens of major laws not just one.  Kidnapping itself is a serious crime.  There are many laws against sex trafficking, sex slavery, kidnapping, sex abuse, rape, sexual harassment etc.   If someone is behind it, they will be breaking many serious laws, be in big trouble, and will go to jail for many long years. And do you actually think that there is a long line of people who want to have a career as a sex slave kidnapping pimp?                                                            

Where Are All The Sex Slaves?- By Angry Harry:Where Are All The Sex Slaves? The Metropolitan Police launched dawn raids on various ‘slavery dens’ in Slough last Friday; some of the police reportedly wore balaclavas and riot gear and were closely followed by film crews invited along to witness the moment the ‘child slaves’ were liberated. Brendan O’NeillThere was only one problem with this story: it was as fictional as the original Dickensian tale of artful dodgers. … In recent years, a motley crew of government and police forces in America and Europe, feminist activists, fundamentalist Christian outfits and celebrity campaigners has turned human trafficking into one of the biggest issues of our time. They claim there is a new ‘slave trade’, that tens of thousands of people – especially women and children – are being sold across borders and into bondage every year.But, as is usually found to be the case, these are just the typical lies that regularly emanate from those who seek to grow their ‘abuse’ empires.… In late 2005, police in Birmingham carried out a media splash of a raid against a brothel and claimed to have ‘rescued’ 19 women who had been trafficked to the UK and enslaved as prostitutes (8). A few days later, 13 of the women were released when it turned out that they were ‘voluntarily working in the sex industry’; the remaining six, who also denied having been trafficked, were imprisoned at Yarlswood detention centre in Bedfordshire and threatened with deportation back to their countries of origin.These women were threatened with deportation because they refused to claim that they had been sex-trafficked.

Indeed, such women can avoid being deported or going to jail if they do claim to have been sex-trafficked.

In other words, women in these circumstances are told by the police that they can gain a great deal if they would only lie about their situations and pretend to be the victims of sex-traffickers.

Indeed, they will soon also be offered money to lie about their situations. …

… Trafficked Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In Compensation Sex slaves smuggled illegally into Britain are to share millions of pounds in compensation for their ‘pain and trauma’, it has emerged.

… and so, of course, the number of women who claim to have been sex-trafficked will grow and grow and grow!

This is just one example of how those in the abuse industry work.

They actually reward people very handsomely if they will claim to have been abused.

And it is you men out there  – ALL OF YOU – who will get to be further demonised as the hysteria is pumped up over this issue of sex-trafficking. And, stemming from this, you will then find that more laws are created to make it easier for you to be prosecuted over some matter concerning ‘abuse’.

(A good example of this is the recent IMBRA legislation in the USA which concerns American men dating foreign women.)

Where Are All The Battered Women? “Well, if what the feminists are saying about DV is true, the evidence should be plain to see. You should be able to stand in the middle of Oxford Street on a Saturday and look at the crowds. Half of those people are women, and one in four of them is being battered on a daily basis. So my question is, where are they? I would expect to see women all around me with black eyes and broken teeth and bruises. And yet I can’t see any at all. How can you explain that?” Heretical

The journalist, David Thomas, about 15 years ago investigated the ludicrous DV claims made by the feminists and the women’s groups.

He calculated that if their claims about serious DV were true, then all the London hospital casualty units would be packed out every day with women victims queuingfor treatment.

He researched the hospitals and the police DV units, and he found that they very rarely had any custom at all.

Indeed, one police DV unit – which had about 15 staff – usually had nothing to do, all day, every day.

A Stripper’s Point Of ViewA Stripper’s Point Of View I have to say it’s not that bad. The sex industry, including strip clubs, is merely a means to an end for thousands of girls like me. Strip clubs are a valid means of making a living at certain points in life when another career, for whatever reason, does not appeal or is impossible to undertake. Ruth FowlerThat does not mean we’re permanently degraded, responsible for a 50% increase in rapes around Camden, nor are we suffering a lack of choice. Most of us are there because in the fabulously tawdry 21st century with all its glamorous moral decline, we may as well get paid for what girls do for free in clubs, pubs and bars across the country.I saw an Aussie bar hostess being interviewed the other day. She was working in Thailand and had been in the business for 15 years. (She was about 40 years old.)She talked candidly about her life and about the other women whom she came across in the sex industry.At one point, the interviewer asked her directly about the number of women whom she had come across who had been “sex-trafficked” – that is, women who had been deceived about what the true nature of their work would be when they crossed the borders to another country. (This woman had also previously worked in Japan.)Her answer was revealing.Throughout her 15 years, she had come across two women whom she felt had been bamboozled into believing that they were going to be doing jobs that were different from the ones that they were actually being offered.Finally, as was pointed out by one of my readers from Sweden, it is very difficult for sex workers in western countries to avoid close, piercing scrutiny by the police – who are forever hoping to find some kind of ‘abuse’ going on.

As a result, it would be stupid, beyond belief, for those in the sex-trade to employ girls who are unwilling to do the jobs, and sheer madness to force girls into the sex trade. Not only would they get into a great deal of trouble by using such girls, these girls would also be very quick to expose what was going on.

And what would be the point of risking one’s very neck when there are thousands of girls who are quite happy to do the jobs? – especially if it allows them to ‘work abroad’ and earn fantastic money while doing so.

In other words, the notion that the sex industry is largely staffed by unwilling “sex-trafficked” girls is a load of hokum. But feminists are nowadays determined to portray all women who work in the sex industry as ‘victims’; because this is yet another mechanism by which they hope to destroy the relationships between men and women.

(Not only do they want to destroy the relationships between men and women as they relate to each other in the sex trade, but, far more importantly, they want to poison the ‘image’ of all men in the eyes of all women. And giving the impression to the public that all prostitutes are ‘victims’ is one good way of horribly demonising all men.)

Western governments are now also going to be offering thousands of dollars in compensation to foreign female sex workers who claim that they have been sex-trafficked – and these women are also going to avoid deportation – and so, of course, this is exactly what many of these girls will now do. They will claimthat they have been sex-trafficked.

Indeed, if they do not claim to have been sex-trafficked, then they will likely be told that they could go to prison!

“You have two choices, My Dear. Claim that you have been sex-trafficked and we will allow you to remain in the country and, possibly, give you a wad of money in compensation. Or, deny that you were sex-trafficked, and you will be deported following a prison sentence.”

In other words, western governments are going to be manufacturing out of nowhere as many “sex-trafficked” women as possible.

Minister Upset By F4J ProtestMinister Upset By F4J Protest The former children’s minister Margaret Hodge told a jury yesterday that she was “shocked and distressed” when two members of Fathers4Justice handcuffed her as she spoke at a conference in Manchester.She was then asked why she decided to be a witness in the case, since other fathers’ rights stunts had not been pursued through the courts. She said it was her public duty to act as a witness to protect other elected representatives from such actions.Yeah, right.Ms Hodge has been a major promoter of male-hatred and family destruction just about all of her life as far as I can remember.Indeed, she, together with other members of Gordon Brown’s government, has recently been responsible for the ‘well-timed’ publication of the bogus research carried out by the government-funded Equal Opportunities Commission concerning the alleged gender Pay Gap – hence Gordon Brown’s recent surge in popularity among women voters.In other words, it’s the usual scam.For newcomers, here is how this works.Just like the lies concerning Saddam’s WMD in order justify the Iraq war, the government funds and promotes the dissemination of lies via the Equal Opportunities Commission concerning the gender Pay Gap. ‘Women’ are outraged by this alleged pay gap. And so Gordon Brown then thumps his fist on the table and says that he will do something about it and, for example, prosecute those employers who are not paying women the same as men – and so the women flock to vote for him.

But it is all a set up. A sham.

There is no gender pay gap due to discrimination.

(Indeed, it is already illegal for employers to pay men more than women for doing the same job. And so if the EOC really did have any evidence that employers were discriminating against women, then the EOC would already be prosecuting them. And the fact that this isnot happening demonstrates that their ‘evidence’ for discrimination is bogus.)

In a nutshell, the feminist/government tactic is this.

Enrage ‘women’ over some phony issue, and then claim that you will do something about it. And then, watch the ‘women’ flock to vote for you.

It’s the usual story. Demonise men in order to profit.

And here is yet another recent example of Gordon Brown’s cronies funding organisations that promote ‘disharmony’ …

Taxpayers’ cash is sponsoring the Jeremy Kyle Show, described by a judge as “a human form of bear-baiting”, it was revealed last night.

The Government education quango Learndirect has an advertising deal costing some £500,000 a year for the controversial ITV programme.

Earlier this week, a judge called the daytime talk-show a “morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people” after a spurned husband was provoked into butting his wife’s lover in front of the studio audience.

On and on it goes.

And MRAs need to understand that whether it is government-funded groups like those concerned with VAWA or IMBRA in the USA, or those like the EOC over here, the basic tactic remains the same.

Claim that there is some form of discrimination or ‘abuse’ against women going on. Claim that your administration will do something about it. And the government can then haul in the votes of ‘women’ and, also, fund huge government empires and a large number of employees that continue to perpetrate the lies and, further, actually fuel further the ‘disharmony’ – and so those women’s votes keep coming in, and the further funding and the growth of various government-funded empires remain ‘justified’.

Indeed, the sneaky funding of the bear-baiting programme above is just one – relatively trivial – example of what left-wing feminist-dominated governments do on a huge scale.

To your face, they claim to be concerned about some form of ‘abuse’, but behind the scenes they are forever trying to fuel it.

Indeed, the perennial falsehoods about the gender pay gap are, in essence, no different from the never-ending deluge of lies concerning the ‘abuse of women’ – designed to fund and to promote the ever-growing power of government and its various associated women’s lobby groups.

For example, old-timers will surely remember the absurd feminist claim that 100,000 women in the USA died from anorexia every year – an illness that, they alleged, arose as a result of sexual abuse.

(Eventually, Professor Christina Hoff Sommers researched the matter via various medical establishments and discovered that, in fact, only about 100 women died from anorexia each year and that sexual abuse had nothing to do with it. The main factors causing anorexia seemed to have something to do with genes and with the mother-daughter relationship.)

40,000 ‘sex-slaves’

And last year, here in the UK, the government, in collaboration with various other feminists and those working in the abuse industry, proclaimed that 40,000 ‘sex-slaves’ were expected to be trafficked to Germany in time for the World Cup. In the end, … Newly unrestricted European Union documents reveal that the German police uncovered just five cases of ‘human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation’ related to the international football tournament.

And back in the USA, as Carey Roberts has pointed out,  the Washington Post reported that early estimates of up to 100,000 human trafficking victims being secreted into the United States each year were grossly exaggerated. Despite more than $150 million of taxpayer dollars diverted to a massive search and rescue effort, it turns out the actual number of trafficking victims is closer to 200 annually.

This hatred towards men being generated for profit on the basis of downright lies is almost ceaseless.

And the falsehoods about the gender pay gap are no different. Instead of claiming that women are being sexually abused or physically abused, they are being financially abused!

It’s the very same scam.

But trying to get politicians to stop all these lies is futile. It would be like asking a tiger to stop eating meat.

No meat. No life.

And many government organisms thrive on this hatred towards men. They would cease to exist without it.

And, just like tigers, they are not going to do anything to extinguish themselves!

Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In CompensationTrafficked Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In Compensation Sex slaves smuggled illegally into Britain are to share millions of pounds in compensation for their ‘pain and trauma’, it has emerged.The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority – slated for long delays in making payments to the victims of violent crime – agreed to hand over £140,000 to the first four cases last week.… A growing backlog of cases means more than 81,000 people are still waiting to find out if they will receive any support.Anyway; here is an *mp3 file (13 mins) of an interview with Laura María Agustin – a woman who has studied the problem and who – very delicately – exposes the truth behind the alleged sex trafficking phenomenon. Amongst other things, she points out that the feminists and their associated wimmin’s victims groups are trying to label all prostitutes as ‘sex-trafficked’ – the idea being to bamboozle the public – yet again – into believing that there are thousands of women who are forced into prostitution.And now, the inveterate liar and man-hater, Harriet Harman, intends to have men imprisoned for using the services of prostitutes under the guise that she wants to reduce ‘sex-trafficking’ … Mrs Harman said she supported criminalising men who use prostitutes as a means of tackling the rising problem of sex trafficking.

Lies, Lies, Lies,

– By Angry Harry:

More Sex-Trafficking Hokum Exposed Even as EU member states join forces to combat human trafficking, evidence for its existence is disintegrating.

I’m beginning to wonder if many government workers – such as the police – actually do anything for a living.

Do they actually spend their time dealing with crime? Or are they just wondering about the place sightseeing in their cars whenever we see them?

And when we cannot see them, it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that they are not simply sitting on their backsides whiling away the hours in their offices, tenderly caressing their truncheons and handcuffing their secretaries for erotic purposes – because they certainly do not seem to be doing very much about crime!

Furthermore, they have been given many millions of pounds to, allegedly, combat a huge amount of sex-trafficking. But there isn’t any sex-trafficking worth talking about in the UK. So what, exactly, are they doing? What are all these police officers actually doing with their time and our money – apart from lying about sex-trafficking?


We can occasionally see vast armies of them turning up to interview or arrest people for the most unbelievably trivial of offences, but they do not actually seem to be around very much when serious criminals are at work.

Maybe they work different hours. …

A senior judge has warned of a rise in vigilante crimes caused by slow police response times.

‘This will continue so long as the police are forced to respond to the priorities of politicians rather than ordinary people. They’ll spend their time trying to meet arbitrary and distorting targets rather than trying to catch serious criminals.’

Yes indeed.

it turns out later that they were lying all along.

But we also discover government and government workers lying unashamedly about all the issues under the Sun, and claiming that they need more and more resources to deal with them. And then it turns out later that they were lying all along.

Goodness me. The police even claimed – falsely – to have discovered the bones of dead children in order to maintain their abuse hysteria so that they could continue funding their empires.

No Murders At Jersey Home ‘The piece of a child’s skull, the shackles, the constraints, the cellar areas and the blood-stained bath – none of these claims were true.

Yep; the police actually lied and pretended to have found bone fragments.

Can you imagine just how many ‘lesser’ lies that they get away with each year?

Hundreds, would be my guess.

I also notice that government workers get very favourable working conditions compared to everybody else these days – with, for example, colossal inflation-proofed pensions that have to be funded by those people who do not work for government – and that there also seem to be countless tales of these people taking months, and sometimes years, off work for alleged ‘stress’.

“I feel a bit down today.”

“Then take a year off work; because no-one will notice your absence. Besides which, there is nothing to do round here – unless you want to brew some more tea.”

All in all, therefore, it seems that those of us who actually need to work for a living and who have families to support are being taken for a ride.

We are being duped.

In my piece Why Governments Love Feminism, I pointed out that governments just love to stir up problems and that, as such, all the social problems arising from feminism was like a perpetual lottery jackpot win for government.

I also pointed out that western governments are now incredibly powerful, and that they employ, either directly or indirectly, some 20% of the entire workforce – a workforce that will promote more government.

Furthermore, some large percentage of the population (about 15% in the UK) nowadays relies on government handouts in order to make ends meet. Needless to say, such people will also likely promote more government – and who can blame them?

But government has actually encouraged millions of these people to need handouts; the idea being to make them dependent on government.

And the upshot of all this is that the forces that promote big government are now virtually unassailable through the ballot box.

Well, some of the more discerning of you who recognise my various aliases might have noticed that for the past few weeks I have been hopping around the internet annoying just about as many people as I can.

Feminists and their poodle boys mostly – but not exclusively!

And, as a consequence, I have been debating many topics that are currently hitting the headlines in the UK – the so-called Equality Bill, ID cards, the EU, prostitution, the governmental recording of everybody’s internet activities, global warming, the current economic crisis, the recent budget, the failing national integrated computer system for hospitals, the MPs who have been cheating on their expenses, the Labour scumbag (and good friend of Gordon Brown) Damian McBride, who was caught trying to plant scurrilous defamatory lies concerning sexual matters on the internet about other politicians.

Many, many topics.

I was exhausted.

Nevertheless, and most unharmoniously, together with many others, I debated all these issues as best as I could.

And I think that they learned a lot!

Was this policy right? Was it fair? How much would it cost? Would it work? What were the complications? Could we afford it? Was there a better way? Didn’t the Communists and the Nazis do that?

Did it work in Sweden?

Was there, actually, any point to it?

What were the alternatives?

And then, BANG.

It hit me.

Every single Labour policy has worked – and will work – absolutely beautifully!

Yep. Every single one of them.

Those politicians are geniuses.

Those politicians are geniuses. I had never realised this before.

There was not one Labour policy or strategy that I was discussing that did not work out fantastically well.

For the benefit of government.

No exaggerations. No clever sidesteps. It just stares you in the face.


It does not seem to matter whether a Labour policy works, or not, for anybody else. The government and government workers ALWAYS benefit from it.

Always. Always. Always.

Every single goddamn time.

You don’t need to believe me. Just check it out yourself.

Every Labour policy either provides more jobs, more money and/or more power for government workers.

And there are no exceptions.

All in all, therefore, there is, in fact, no real point in us all debating the merits or lack thereof when it comes to Labour policies, because such debates will not make any difference.

The government will nowadays push them through, regardless – just like the EU does all the time regardless of the ‘No’ votes in various national referenda – because the government does not care what these policies mean for us, and because, in practice, nobody can actually stop the government from getting what it wants.

Government only cares about itself. And it will push through any policy that it can get away with in order to benefit itself.

And, at the moment, we just cannot effectively stop the government from doing this.

As such, the issues that we should all be addressing are not so much the issues themselves, but those which highlight the fact that our government is actually cheating us in so many different ways.

Otherwise, it is all a bit like talking to a hoodlum who is just about to rob us and discussing with him – and with each other – the ways in which he can do this without causing us too much pain!

We seem to have accepted that governments have a right to push out policy after policy, regulation after regulation, restriction after restriction, compulsion after compulsion, invasion after invasion of our privacy, tax after tax, law after law – always to the benefit of government.

we are now in desperate need of some mechanism which prevents government from becoming so powerful

And we are now in desperate need of some mechanism which prevents government from becoming so powerful – rather like we have with corporations when they have become monopolies.

In the UK, currently, the government is now set to confiscate well over 50% of our incomes in order to pursue its various agendas. (For those who do not understand how this figure can be so large, seePrinting Money.)

And so what we should be doing is reining in government by, at the very least, forever pointing out that government should not be entitled to keep expanding its power and wealth whenever it formulates some new policy.

In other words, the ever-increasing number of burdens and impositions being foisted upon us by our government should be addressed – and complained about – whenever any of its policies are being discussed.

And it should always be pointed out that Labour policies always benefit government itself and some group of government workers.

Now, please note that I am not suggesting that every single Labour policy is bad for people. Some Labour policies are quite good, in my view.

But, good or bad, their policies always give government more power, more wealth and more jobs.


And one of the main reasons for this is that politicians and government workers know very well that no matter how awful, how useless, or how wasteful are their policies, they will still always benefit from them.

Indeed, whenever a particular policy is, in fact, clearly of benefit to the country, then the politicians will argue from this that they would do even better if they could be given more resources to implement it more fully, but when a policy is clearly failing the country, then they argue the very same thing!

And with regard to the sex-trafficking hokum mentioned above, the lack of evidence suggesting that there is very much of it going on is actually used to justify more resources and more draconian laws on the grounds that more effort is needed to find it!

they engage in blatant lying

And when the politicians cannot find it, then they engage in blatant lying in order to claim that they have.

In the UK, for example, the most enormous amount of effort was put into saving women from being sex-trafficked.

But the police could not actually find such women. (Even those whom they claimed to have found were mostly bogus – with one or two exceptions.)

And so the Labour government tried to suggest that allprostitutes who come from abroad are being sex-trafficked against their will.

All of them.

And this willful self-serving dishonesty is a characteristic of every single politician and every civil servant who sits at the top of the tree.

And the reason for this is very simple to understand.

No honest politician and no honest civil servant can nowadays make it to the top of the tree (or stay there for very long if they manage to get there) because being honest means undermining one’s own dishonest self-serving colleagues.

And these people are not going to allow someone who exposes what is going on to get very far up the ladder.

They will allow only those people who serve their own interests to climb to the top.

The upshot is that only the best liars, the best deceivers and the best self-serving manipulators make it to the top; i.e. those who best cater for their very own colleagues.

And something that really sticks in my throat and makes me even more angry is that the Labour politicians and their civil servants who currently run the UK government are completely and utterly corrupt – with some of them, such as Harriet Harman, in my view, being very deeply malicious and thoroughly wicked people.

One only has to look at the downright sneakiness and dishonesty of these people when it comes to the way in which they have cheated on their expenses to realise that they are, at their very cores, totally self-serving, extremely greedy and thoroughly deceitful.

And yet these Labour politicians are forever claiming to be ‘socialist‘ in nature.

They present themselves to the people as being concerned about ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’, ‘truth’ and ‘justice’, and yet it is quite clear that they believe in no such things.

When it comes to themselves and their own interests, they will cheat, they will lie, they will steal, they will make corrupt deals, they will fiddle the books, they will try to malign their opponents, and they will do whatever they can get away with in order to profit themselves.

They have been caught doing such things over and over again.

And this tells us about the entire culture within which these people operate. Something that is clearly accepted by all of them.

As such, it is quite clear that these Labour politicians do not believe in anything in which they claim publicly to believe.

They are just in this business for themselves.

Their stated beliefs about ‘equality’, and so on, are just a sham – a charade – designed to sucker people into giving them more votes, more wealth and more power by hoodwinking them into believing that they ‘care’ about others, and so forth.

But they don’t.

In essence, they are colluding with each other behind our backs in order to benefit themselves at our expense – at our expense not only in terms of our money, but also in terms of our freedom, our time, our country, our culture, our democracy and our well-being.

These people are messing up our futures so that they can profit themselves – which is, of course, one of the main reasons why they mostly also support the European gravy train.

Now, when I talk about this to people, they often shrug and say, “Well, are there not many millions of people who are greedy, self-serving and corrupt? Why should we expect our top civil servants and our politicians to be any different?”

we simply cannot allow the most powerful people in the country to be like this

And the answer to this must surely be that we simply cannot allow the most powerful people in the country to be like this.

If we care about our own futures and those of our loved ones, we cannot afford to allow the most powerful people in the land to be so corrupt and so self-serving.

For all our sakes, these people need to booted out of office, whatever it takes.

Not sidestepped. Not moved over to a different department. Not promoted out of the way.

Out. Out. Out.

Just like any of us would be if we were caught defrauding the companies for which we are working.

And we also need to protect all whistleblowers from retribution from their colleagues so that never again will such people feel so secure when it comes to lying and cheating us.

these selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves.

The alternative is to sit back and watch our future prospects deteriorate inexorably towards a situation wherein we can no longer maintain any form of decent society because these selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves.

Let me repeat this last point.

These selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves – because, for these people, the more disruption and disharmony, the better.

Indeed, just within the past few weeks, we have seen Labour members of the House of Lords secretly doing deals with businesses in order to line their own pockets, we have caught them claiming tens of thousands of pounds for expenses on properties in which nobody actually lives, we have seen them claiming daily attendance allowances by clocking in and sneaking off five minutes later, we have caught their cronies trying to spread sexual lies about their opponents in order to scupper their chances at the next election and, over and over again, we catch them lying about every single issue that they are addressing.

And it is extremely important to understand that all these examples of wholesale dishonesty and corruption are just the small tip of a very large iceberg.

These people have lied and lied in connection with just about every policy that they have ever implemented.

On this website, for example, you can see numerous examples of how they have lied, over and over again, about domestic violence, sex-assault, sex-trafficking, abuse and rape. You can see how they have lied, over and over again, when it comes to their claims about educational standards, immigration, crime, drug abuse, the European Union, the bias against fathers in the family courts and the alleged gender pay gap.

But in all these areas it is, of course, much harder for the public to see through all their lies because of all the complexities involved therein.

For example, it is very easy to obfuscate the truth about ‘rape’ by fudging all the definitions, skewing the statistics and massaging all the raw data so that the figures come out to be exactly what the government wants them to be.

And this is exactly what they do.

Come on. Wake up!

Does anyone seriously believe that those hundreds of politicians who are, clearly, quite prepared to cheat and defraud the people – on a continual basis – in order to line their own pockets financially will not be doing the very same things when it comes to their policies – in order to retain, or gain, votes, power and wealth for themselves?

Well, perhaps the revelations of the past few months in the UK will help to show you all that I have not been exaggerating about the extent of the self-serving corruption and dishonesty that lies at the very heart of the Labour government.

These politicians – and the civil servants that have been supporting them – are crooks, through and through.

And we have been subjected to huge costs – financial and otherwise – simply so that they can profit themselves.

Our families have been purposely broken so that they and their workers can benefit.

Our educational system has been purposely debased and biased against boys so that they and their workers can benefit.

On and on it goes.

In so many areas have we been subjected to policies and costs based on nothing but the self-serving dishonesty of those at the top.

(Once again, see my piece Why Governments Love Feminism and also Do Not Respect Them  )

Indeed, I really do not think that it would be an exaggeration to claim that we could, in fact, all work for only three days per week- instead of five –  and still be just as well off, were it not for the huge negative impact of government’s continued nefarious activities.

I should also emphasise that it is not just the politicians who are so irredeemably corrupt and self-serving.

The same goes for millions of government employees and civil servants; teachers lying about the educational standards, academics fudging the data to get more funding and to pursue their politics, police officers lying about the abuse statistics, immigration officials deceitfully downsizing the number of immigrants, judges imprisoning men without any objective evidence that they have done anything wrong, family courts and government ministers encouraging women to kick fathers out of their own homes.

The list is almost endless.

those who work in the public sector no longer see themselves as providing services

Something seems to have happened – certainly in the UK – through which those who work in the public sector no longer see themselves as providing services, but as self-serving ‘authorities’, to whom everyone must pander.

They have metamorphosed from being public servants into being our masters. And, as mentioned above, they have given themselves better privileges, better perks, better protections, better pensions and better pay than the rest of us, despite the fact that it is the rest of us who are forced to foot most of their bills.

We are being battered, bruised and robbed by these people.

And one of the reasons that this has happened is because we have allowed these people to acquire far too much power, and they have used this power not only to feather their own nests, but also to deceive us, wholesale, in many important areas.

The result is that these people have, collectively, turned themselves into a highly malicious force; with men, in particular, being on the receiving end of it.

And please always remember that this horrible situation has not arisen solely because of the politicians.

Many high-ranking civil servants and government workers are just as greedy, corrupt, dishonest and self-serving.

Indeed, the UK’s Home Office is packed with such people.

So, what do we do?

Well, I am afraid that the answer does not lie in the ballot box – because your single vote is worth nothing.

But your voice can be very effective indeed.

So, please use it.

Finally, let me remind you all of what Lord Levy – one of Tony Blair’s closest confidantes and buddies when he was Prime Minister – said of him in his book.

“Tony was at the end of the day a politician… just in it for himself.”

Study his words carefully – because Lord Levy was at the very heart of the Labour government throughout the Blair years.

Notice that he was not simply saying that Tony Blair, alone, was in it for himself; but that this was true of all politicians.

And these politicians and their civil servants will, and do, cheat us at every turn – and with regard to every policy; whenever it benefits them to do so.

… Just like what they have recently been caught doing with their expenses. …

… Tony Blair’s Expenses Shredded Some of Tony Blair’s expenses claims, which the High Court last week ruled should be disclosed to the public, have been shredded.

The documents, itemising Blair’s claims for household expenses during a year of his premiership, were destroyed in the midst of a legal battle over whether they should be published


It is true that Tory politicians have also been caught fiddling their expenses, but nowhere near to the same extent as have Labour politicians.

Not even close.

More importantly, however, is the fact that Tories, by and large, support ‘the market’.

They believe in supporting wealth creation and in allowing people to climb as high as they can.

Our Labour politicians, however, claim to be ‘socialist’ in nature.

They claim to believe that people should not be given special privileges.

They claim that their prime concerns are to do with fairness, honesty, openness, justice, and so on.

And they are forever clamping down on those whom they claim are doing unduly well.

But it is quite clear from their behaviours that they believe in no such things.

They are just liars.

They are just out to cater for themselves, but presenting themselves as ‘holier than thou’.

As just one further example of this, notice how they continually whip up hatred towards men by claiming that they are over-represented in parliament, and that they should be discriminated against so that parliament reflects more accurately the population.

But they do not argue that politicians should get AVERAGE PAY in order to better reflect the people, do they?

Surely, such a move would make parliament much, much more representative of the people.

But these Labour politicians are just fraudsters, basically stirring up hatred towards their very own people (men, mostly) in order to profit themselves.

Which is exactly what ‘socialists’ such as Stalin and Hitler did in order to maintain their own power and privileges.

They destroyed their own peoples by the million, but they pretended that they cared for them.

Well, our Labour politicians are no different in essence. They are not killing us, but they are undermining our country, our businesses, our families, and so on, on the spurious grounds of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’.

That is how they get their power.

But, in truth, they do not actually believe in these two noble concepts – certainly not when it comes to themselves.


Happy Hookers of Eastern EuropePhelim McAleerThe SpectatorThe truth behind the myth of sex-slave trafficking.reposted from Angry Harry:(Note by AH: The huge fabrications by western government officials concerning the issue of sex-trafficking are mostly designed to give themselves good jobs and pensions for doing very little. Their figures concerning sex-trafficking into western countries are mostly inflated by a truly staggering amount; just one recent example being the claim that 40,000 women would be trafficked into West Germany to cater for men attending the Football Cup Final when, in fact, it was found by the Justice Department that some 5 women might have been trafficked.)The reports of Eastern European women being forced into prostitution in the West are as numerous as they are horrific. They have worried the government so much that the Home Office has plans for a new scheme to provide ‘safe-houses’ for the victims of sex trafficking. But for many who work with these ‘sex slaves’ the women’s accounts are just that — stories. It is seldom reported, but widely known, that most women volunteer for the trip westward because of the money they can make.

The sex-slave stories are suspiciously similar. The women are usually from some deprived backwater. They have naively answered advertisements for jobs as waitresses or nannies in the West. However, when they arrived to start their new life, their documents were confiscated, they were beaten and raped into submission, and forced to become prostitutes. They then claimed to have been kept as sex slaves, sometimes chained to beds, terrified and servicing as many customers as the brothel owner demanded.

According to the International Office of Migration which rescues and shelters these women, there are an estimated 400,000 enduring this existence. But as anyone who works closely with the prostitutes and who isn’t infected with victimitis knows, the IOM version of events is nonsense.

the overwhelming majority of girls going to the West understand before they leave that they will be working in prostitution

Take Assistant Chief Constable Andy Felton, a British police officer who has been working in Romania for the past three years. Most of his time has been spent on Project Reflex, a unique Romanian/British venture to stem illegal immigration into the UK. As part of the initiative, Felton has interrogated those deported from the UK. ‘Some are tricked into becoming prostitutes, but the overwhelming majority of girls going to the West understand before they leave that they will be working in prostitution,’ says Felton.

He has found that far from being gullible peasant girls, as portrayed by the IOM, most were seasoned prostitutes before they left. For brothel owners ‘experience is essential’; it makes poor business sense to trick unsuspecting girls into the trade. Those without experience but who still want to go are tried out in the nearest big city to avoid making a dud investment.

So the sad and perhaps unpalatable fact is that most Eastern European women working abroad as prostitutes do so out of choice. This choice may be dictated by appalling poverty and lack of opportunity in their home countries but it is, nonetheless, a choice.

The minimum salary in Romania is $50 a month — even less in Moldova and Ukraine. It is not surprising that many women become sex workers, if only to support their families. But if the punters are all living on tiny wages, the amount left over for prostitutes will also be small. No wonder the temptation to do the same work in the West for $100 a client proves just too tempting.

In the sex-slave myth, the recruiters scour Eastern Europe with smooth talk and big promises. These latter-day big bad wolves lure women with offers of jobs and a bright future. A frightening scenario, indeed. It just isn’t true. ‘There is no huge international prostitute recruiting team travelling around Central and Eastern Europe. There is no fleet of Mercs with blacked-out windows and a madam in the back luring women abroad,’ says Felton.

almost all the women’s westward journeys were arranged by someone they know. ‘This tends to be a family member …

His investigations have found that almost all the women’s westward journeys were arranged by someone they know. ‘This tends to be a family member, or a local person, or someone who has herself been a prostitute in the West.’

Then there are the traffickers/brothel owners: a particularly well-organised bunch — normally the Albanian mafia — we are told. Again, nice story, nice villain, but just not true. ‘It’s more a case of, I know someone with a bus in Timisoara and somebody else knows somebody in Italy who will meet them. It is a loose alliance of contacts. There is no huge criminal structure with a mafia godfather running it,’ says Felton.

He wishes it were that simple. ‘One of the problems tackling these networks is that they are so loose they can easily fall apart,’ he says.

Accounts of widespread cruelty by brothel owners are easy to believe, but do not stand up to scrutiny

Accounts of widespread cruelty by brothel owners are easy to believe, but do not stand up to scrutiny. The owners are in a business that thrives on the customer who visits regularly and very often has a ‘relationship’ with his favourite girl. No doubt a small number of men get a kick out of seeing women chained to beds or battered and bruised, but for most it would be a turn-off. That is not to say there are not bad and crooked brothel owners. But the women come West voluntarily, and very quickly learn through word of mouth which establishments to avoid.

Despite seldom being reported, Felton’s findings are not news to his Romanian counterparts. Major Marin Banica used to be Romania’s most senior police officer investigating ‘women trafficking’. ‘Very few go abroad without knowing exactly why they are going,’ he says.

However, the Eastern European prostitute as victim is a powerful image, and ever more influential NGOs are reluctant to let the truth get in the way of their story. Take the case of the Cambodia Seven. In 2001, seven Romanian ‘sex slaves’ were found in Cambodia. Their rescuers, who included the IOM, reported how they had been offered jobs as dancers but were then forced into prostitution. Their plight received international media coverage and was mentioned by Brunson McKinney, the IOM director, at an anti-trafficking conference in Bucharest. He said it was an indication of the growing problem.

Yet, according to Banica, the full story of the Cambodia Seven was not told. Before the Romanian authorities could reach Cambodia to organise bringing the women home, one managed to slip away from her ‘rescuers’. Banica does not know where she ended up, but believes she returned to prostitution. Legitimate job opportunities for Romanian women in Cambodia are limited.

Banica does know what happened to the six who returned. ‘Within weeks three of the women had gone to work in Albania — again as prostitutes,’ he says.

The sex-slave myth also portrays Eastern European women as idiots.

The sex-slave myth also portrays Eastern European women as idiots. Banica asks how hundreds of thousands of women from the same pockets of the country could have been repeatedly tricked. For this to be true, it also means no duped woman has ever come home and, if they have, they have never talked to family and friends about their experiences.

To accept the sex-slave myth, one must also accept that none of the women or their families or friends has ever read a newspaper or watched Romanian television, where the story is given widespread and often sensational coverage. Or maybe they do and that is exacerbating the problem.

A recent Romanian television public-awareness campaign shows faceless men recruiting naive women while salivating over the massive sums of money to be made. The emphasis on the huge amounts of cash available could be all the encouragement that some women need.

Phelim McAleer is the Financial Times correspondent for Romania.

Sex Trafficking There are emerging indications that it is sex workers, rather than ‘coerced innocents’ that form the majority of this ‘traffic’. GAATW, whose report is based for a large part on responses of organisations that work directly with ‘trafficking victims’, found that the majority of ‘trafficking’ cases involve women who know they are going to work in the sex industry, but are lied to about the conditions they will work under, such as the amount of money they will receive (Weijers and Lap-Chew 1997: 99). – 35 min – academic pieceThey also conclude that abduction for purposes of ‘trafficking’ into the sex industry is very rare (p.99). GSN (1997) also relates the testimonies of a number of ‘trafficked’ sex workers in their report. Research by the foundation for Women in Thailand found that by far the majority of women migrating from northern Thailand to Japan were aware that they would be working in the sex industry (Skrobanek 1997). This conclusion is supported by Watenabe (1998) who worked as a bar girl herself in Japan in the course of her research into Thai women migrating to the Japanese sex industry. Other research, such as that by Brockett and Murray (1994) in Australia, Anarfi (1998) in Ghana, Kempadoo (1998b) in the Caribbean, COIN (1998) in the Dominican Republic and the Salomon Alapitvany Foundation in Hungary (1998) [10] indicates that women seeking to migrate are not so easily ‘duped’ or ‘deceived’, and are aware that most jobs on offer are in the sex industry.
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‘Alla’ is probably a Mafia man who has a photograph and who will manage eventually to entice some mindless imbecile into sending him $3000 for an aeroplane ticket.

He probably took one look at this website and thought, Aha, this looks like an excellent place to fish for mindless imbeciles.

And, who knows? He might be right!

So, don’t let that mindless imbecile be you!


PS: If any one of you takes up “Alla’s” offer and corresponds with her and, as a result, you find yourself spending the rest of your life with the very woman as described in her email, DON’T tell me about it!

February 2006

The “Teen Sex Slave” Scams

Debbie Nathan


“Tonight our cameras take you into a dark world you’ve never seen,” intoned John Quinones darkly on last week’s edition of ABC Primetime. “American girls being snatched right off Main Street USA. And they could be your very own daughters.” Shocking! The program went on to tell about two Arizona teens ñ both white and girl-next-door cute, who purportedly were minding their own business before being snatched from home and coerced into prostitution. Or “trafficking,” as Primetime put it. That was the show’s point: We already know that impoverished immigrants from the Eastern Europe and Mexico are enslaved here, but now we’ve got a new problem, the trafficking of our own, middle-class girls. Shocking! The show was full of dire warnings by government officials. Not surprising, since the Bush Administration’s mission to find foreign “sex trafficking” victims has gone belly up since it began in 2001. Almost no victims have been located, but the feds want to keep their law and rhetoric afloat and broaden it to other areas, including the culture wars. For ballast, they’re trolling for a domestic demographic, warning that kids and prostitution is a new “trafficking” problem.

But the claim is specious. To make it, you have to play with language and omit facts or bend them so far that they break. That’s what Primetime did, Thursday, February 9, with two teens, one pseudonymed “Debbie,” and the other called by her real name, Miya.

Miya, according to ABC, was working in an Arizona mall when she was approached by a couple who asked if she’d like to come with them to California and be a model. She agreed, and before she knew it, she was being forcibly pimped through an Internet escort service and terrorized into sex slavery. One morning she managed to escape from the seedy hotel she was imprisoned in. Authorities were notified. Now one of her captors is in jail awaiting trial.

the “sex slave” part is a hoax

That’s the Primetime version, but the “sex slave” part is a hoax. Police in Mesa, Arizona and Union City, California, say that Miya — who was 19 and thus legally an adult — willingly went to California and willingly had sex, both with the couple she was with and with others. Said Tom Haselton, investigating sergeant for the case in Union City, “I can understand the family might be embarrassed and want to tell a different story. But by the time we were done talking with [Miya] we determined that what she did was consensual. There was no force used on her and she had plenty of opportunities to leave. And when she did leave, who did she call? Not the police, but a friend, just saying she wanted to get home to Arizona.” No charges regarding Miya were filed. The man she’d been with was charged because the female member of the couple was 16 — underage. Creepy, exploitative and illegal, but she wasn’t coerced either. “She seemed to be in love with the pimp,” says Haselton. “It’s an age-old story.”

Primetime’s other example of a “sex trafficked” teen, 15-year-old Debbie, is the alleged victim of some truly horrible assaults, and police don’t contest this. Even so, Primetime left out details of the case, making it seem more novel than it is. Debbie has said she was held at gunpoint in a Phoenix apartment and threatened with death and harm to her family unless she had sex with dozens of men. Often she was stuffed by her captors into a dog carrier and a bed frame. Her ordeal lasted over six weeks until she managed to sneak a call to her mother. Then she was rescued, and returned to what Primetime called her “close-knit” family. She’d been separated from them in the first place, Primetime reported, when she was “snatched” ñ as host John Quinones put it — right off her front lawn. That happened when a girl she knew only casually drove up to Debbie’s suburban house. Debbie stepped out of the house wearing Sponge-Bob pajamas. Suddenly she was pushed into the car and kidnapped.

But Phoenix Police Department press releases describe Debbie as a runaway. Police spokesman Andy Hill told me earlier this week that she was having problems with her family. She left home willingly with a friend, the girlfriend of a pimp, and a few hours later was herself dragooned into prostitution. Debbie’s is a story of gross coercion, but clearly there’s some background here. The vast majority of US kids who get involved with prostitution are runaways; this has been so for a very long time. That fact makes for yet another stale story. So it was left out of Primetime’s because it didn’t fit the boogie-man theme pushed these days when sex trafficking gets discussed — in the media and lately by the feds as well.

Four-year olds are passed to pedophiles at Disneyland, 11-year-olds in communion dresses are sold to Mexican farmworker perverts.

In that telling, little children are enslaved right in plain sight. Four-year olds are passed to pedophiles at Disneyland, 11-year-olds in communion dresses are sold to Mexican farmworker perverts. Despite ample evidence that these stories are urban myths, the New York Times Magazine cited them anyway and conjured dozens of child sex slaves in a piece by Peter Landesman that the magazine ran two years ago. Its title? “The Girls Next Door.” And last fall, the Lifetime television network ran a much- publicized drama in which a prepubescent white girl is kidnapped off the streets by a hi-tech trafficking ring that operates all across the globe and plans to sell her to “the Saudis.” This despite the fact that no such rings are known to exist.

Paranoid “white slavery” crusades date back to 19th-century England and America. Back then they promoted anti-immigrant and racist sentiments against Jews and others scapegoated for being kidnappers and panderers. They drove prostitutes who had heretofore worked independently into the hands of pimps. Meanwhile, they did virtually nothing to end prostitution.

white-slave panic is being reincarnated by the federal government

Now, white-slave panic is being reincarnated by the federal government. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was launched five years ago with much fanfare from evangelicals in the Bush administration, feminists (many of who earlier worked with conservatives to try to outlaw pornography), and liberals concerned about forced-labor trafficking in general. Proponents predicted that thousands of forcibly sex-trafficked immigrant women would be found. Instead, a couple of hundred have turned up, at most.

But there are plenty of U.S.citizens who spend a little or a lot of time in prostitution. Quite a few are minors — as many as 300,000, estimates the new TVPA, which was enthusiastically rolled out by President Bush at a ceremony in January. Legally speaking, minors are always considered victims, even if they are not coerced. The new TVPA earmarks funds to label them as sex slaves.

No matter that most of these new “trafficking” victims are runaways and throwaways: often minorities, often poor, and often gay. No matter that they are seldom kidnapped or forced into prostitution, rarely fit the image of the girl next door, usually don’t think of themselves as “trafficking victims,” and typically distrust the police. No matter that we lack social services for them so they can live on their own and thrive if home is unbearable. These children are just an old story. They’re not ready for prime time.

But they are ready to fuel a movement most of the public hasn’t heard of yet. The domestic trafficking language of the TVPA was lifted from another piece of legislation, the “End Demand Act.” That bill aims to crack down on all prostitution in the U.S., by defining every bit of it as “domestic sex trafficking,” even when it’s between consenting adults. End Demand is sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, R-TX (who recently equated gay marriage with humans copulating with box turtles). The act has bipartisan support but has not yet been passed. End Demand’s wording about minors, however, was imported into the latest TVPA.

The government has not yet turned consensual adult prostitution into a federal crime. But last summer, the feds and other organizations, many of who have supported the End Demand Act and the new TVPA, started working the zeitgeist by pitching to the media about American kiddie slaves on Main Street. Primetime responded. Defending last week’s story, ABC spokeswoman Paige Capossela said that “Our producers found two cases that illustrate what the FBI, other law enforcement and child protection agencies described to us as trafficking.” That’s a nice excuse for some high yellow journalism. And, no doubt, for some high Nielsen ratings as well.

Sexual Enslavement
at the Ryder Cup?More hocus-pocus …After spreading mad scares during the Olympics and World Cup, now anti-traffickers are turning their attentions to golf.Stephen Paterson
25,000 Sex Slaves Enter the UK Every Year!So said Labour MP, Dennis McShane.But, guess what?He was LYING.See, …All Men Presumed Guilty



The government and the United States are not reading from the same page when it comes to human trafficking. Every year in which the United States grades Guyana’s anti-human trafficking efforts, there is a diplomatic row over the grade mark.
This year is no different, and the subject minister has made it clear that while there has been an improvement in Guyana’s ranking, the report is nonsensical. We have heard that before.
The government must know by now that these ratings and rankings are really tools by which the United States seeks to control internal policies of governments. So we have a human trafficking index which if it reaches a certain threshold can invite sanctions against the defaulting nation. There is also a transparency index which measures the openness of the economy. If the government were tomorrow to decide to ban all public contracts, thereby removing the risk of corruption, it would still be accused of lacking transparency.
Some governments, of course, simply ignore these reports produced by agencies of the United States. Venezuela, for example, does not care two hoots about what the United States has to say about human trafficking in their country. If the United States wants to impose sanctions on Venezuela, that country knows that it can withstand these measures and retaliate with it own sanctions.
Guyana does not have the same liberty. Some of our leaders are concerned that instead of just trade sanctions, Guyana may be subject to visa sanctions and this will affect them. So that when the first Human Trafficking Report came out, Guyana was afraid of US sanctions and so rushed to pass human trafficking legislation.
It seems, however, that Guyana and the US are not on the same page when it comes to human trafficking, or rather, Guyana is not aware of some of the things that constitute human trafficking.
Instead of therefore asking the US to produce the evidence of incidents of human trafficking, the Guyana authorities should recognize the broad range of activities which can be considered as human trafficking.
If someone brings an interior resident to work in the city and that person complains about exploitation, that can be taken to be human trafficking.
At present, there are number of females working in bars in Guyana, and often these women are subject to harassment. Some men try to put their hands up these girls’ skirts. This is not only sexual abuse, but human trafficking.
There are women from the city who provide sexual services in the mining districts. Some of them may pretend that they are businesswomen, but never quite reveal the true nature of their business. This too can be human trafficking.
Guyanese women who are taken to Suriname to work and end up having to sell their bodies just to survive are considered as human trafficking victims. Even if you go voluntarily, once you are providing sexual services you may end up being considered as a victim of human trafficking.
The Guyanese authorities have to therefore understand what the United States considers as human trafficking and decide what action they will take.
In some instances, they have to drop the pretence that persons are not being prostituted in Guyana. It is public knowledge that there are private clubs in Guyana in which Brazilian women strip naked, dance around a pole and provide sexual services. This is public knowledge and some of these places are frequented by some prominent businessmen, unknown to their marriage partners.
It also rumoured that there are orgies at private residences and joints, also said to involve foreign women who are paid for their services. These things are also part of human trafficking as defined by the United States, and therefore if the Guyanese authorities are serious about improving human trafficking, they would ensure that laws are passed outlawing some of the lewd things that are taking place at these private clubs, many of which are open to the public and therefore not fully private at all.
The activities of some of these private clubs are degrading to our women, and it is strange that none of the women’s activists or groups have called for these joints to be shut down.
But just the mention of casinos and there is an uproar from sections of the society who seem to give the impression that they do not know about the pole dancing and striptease and prostitution that is happening.
Wake up Guyana! Take action against human trafficking before the United States shuts this country down!

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The following information is from a report from the Crimes against children research center which talks about the Unknown Exaggerated Statistics of Juvenile Prostitution.

Crimes against Children Research Center ● University of New Hampshire ● 126 Horton Social Science Center ● Durham, NH 03824 (603) 862‐1888●Fax: (603) 862‐1122●

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