Yes means NO!

Yes means NO! – when it comes to men having sex with women – According to the politically correct believers of rape culture, all sex with men is rape.

There are many feminist women’s groups who lobby the government and make the government and Law enforcement believe that all men are evil and all women are angels that can do no wrong when it comes to sex.   They openly believe and promote that ALL men are rapists or future rapists. The prejudice and sexist hating of men is politically correct and encouraged in countries like America and Great Briton.  Which they then force other countries to make anti-male laws or face economic or military sanctions.  This creates a terrible environment for men since hating men because they are men is considered the right thing to do.

They believe that all women should be treated like children in regards to sex.  They feel that it is impossible for a woman to give consent to sex with a man.  Therefore all sex with a man is considered rape. Any women who tells them that they gave consent to sex with a man they feel must be mentally insane and needs mental help.  Because what women in their right mind would ever consent to having sex with a man?

Yes means NO!  The feminist  women’s groups on college campus, in law enforcement, government in America believe that when a woman says yes to sex –she really means no. No matter what the woman says or does the answer to sex is always –NO!  YES means NO!  No means NO, maybe means NO,  silence means NO.  If she gets sexy and physical with a man, and says she wants sex,  the man must realize the answer is still NO!  and walk away.  Yes means NO!

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